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Richardson Family and Genealogy Home Page

Home Page last revised 10/22/03



Scott Richardson, Karen Richardson, Amy Richardson, and Timmy Richardson


A little about our family...

Welcome to the Richardson Family Page! We live in Lynnwood, WA, and relocated here in 1996 from Riverside, CA.

Scott was born in Inglewood, CA, in 1955; Karen was born in Philadelphia, PA, in 1963; Amy was born in Riverside, CA, in 1987; and Timmy was born in Riverside, CA, in 1988. Our hobbies are ham radio/amateur radio, photo album scrapbooking, quilting and genealogy. Karen's ham call is KE6JPS, and Scott's call is AA6U. We attend Alderwood Manor Community Church in Lynnwood, WA.

Karen, whose maiden name was Karen Easter, attended Faith Christian School in Roslyn, PA; graduated in 1977 from Cedarbrook Jr. High; attended Cheltenham High School in Cheltenham, PA; and graduated in 1981 from Glendora High School in Glendora, CA, and from Citrus College in 1987 where she received an AA in Accounting. In addition, she attended Riverside Community College, earned her AA in Medical Assisting at Everett Community College in Everett, WA, and now works teaching medical assisting at the Bryman School in Lynnwood, WA

Scott graduated in 1969 from Ruddock Jr. High School in Covina, CA; in 1973 from Royal Oak High School in Covina, CA; in 1978 from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona/Cal Poly Pomona (BS in Communication Arts/Public Relations); and in 1988 from California State University San Bernardino/Cal State San Bernardino (MA in Marketing Communications). He is field corporate relations manager for the northwest region of Allstate Insurance in their Bothell, WA, regional office.

Amy is a junior at Meadowdale High School, and Timmy is a sophmore at the Snohomish County Christian School in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Timmy has a website at

Scott is the family genealogist. He began tracing the family tree when in 8th grade (1968) when his grandmother fascinated him with stories of ancestors and cultivated an interest to find out more about the faces in the old family photos. Since then he has consulted thousands of sources of information across the country, exchanged data with hundreds of people around the world and taught genealogy classes at community college level. The genealogical database here is the current compilation of his work in progress which continues as time allows and I find new information.


You can email us clicking on my distiguished ancestor

GENEALOGY WEB PAGES- Last revised October 22, 2003

Click here to go to our genealogy web pages. We not only have data on our ancestors, but also on many descendents of our ancestors' siblings. In addition, the database contains many royal and noble lines going back through William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, the Caesars, and many other kings, queens and famous people all the way to Adam and Eve. Each entry is documented as to the most reliable source(s) that I used for the information.



I try to make periodic make additions, revisions, and corrections to the data on my website. The "Last revised" date above shows the last time the data was revised. I always welcome corrections and additions. Please e-mail me your additions and corrections, and any data I use will be credited to the sender as the source. Because of the periodic revisions, please be extremely cautious in bookmarking pages (see below).



When I revise my genealogy web pages, the web address of each individual record will change; therefore, you should only bookmark/save as a favorite this page, not individual record pages in case you want to come back later. If you try to go to a previously-bookmarked individual record page after I have updated the website, you will most likely get a "Page Not Found" error message or the wrong record.



Click here for a list of downloadable genealogy files from my database in GEDCOM, PDF and Word formats. (Note: I am adding new files periodically as people request them)



Please note that some of the ancient lines are not totally reliable or verifiable, but I have tried to list only those that seem the most probable or come from the most reliable sources. Some of the ancestors in the database are considered mythological; however, many of these legends were based on real people whose exploits were embellished over the years. However, some of the data can never be proved to be 100% accurate.



I would like to receive any corrections or additions to my data if you have it, but please cite your sources for my records. Please e-mail me your corrections and additions.



Please be aware that just because we have a surname in common, it doesn't mean we are related, and, if we aren't related, unfortunately, I most likely can't help you. Also please don't email me a message with a name and date and hope that I have information on that person or send me a surname and ask for all information on that name. If the person you're researching is not in my database or doesn't appear to be related to the famlies I have listed, then I most likely have no information. However, I do have some additional information on some of the descendents of my ancestors' siblings and, if by name or place, you strongly suspect that we are related, email me and I'll see if I can help.

Also, do not assume that you are connected with any documented line unless you can prove it with reliable sources; connecting lines without proof just spreads incorrect information and there is already too much of that out there (I know because I've sorted through a lot of it and researched in many wrong directions because of it).



While I would be happy to email GEDCOM files or to check some of my sources if you have good reason to think it might connect our families or my sources may contain information on your ancestors, I cannot do research for others and cannot provide lessons in genealogy or instruct people how to research their ancestry. There are a number of great online sources that can teach you where to begin. You can use some of the search engines to find them or click here for a list of some good places to start.

Also, I do not have or maintain data on the ancestry of the spouses of my ancestors' brothers and sisters. The "Notes" section of my data pages contains the very limited data regarding the parents of the spouses of my ancestors' siblings that I may have collected. Otherwise I do not have any further information on their ancestry.

I use the genealogy program Reunion by Leister Productions, Inc. on an Apple Macintosh G3 and I highly recommend both for ease of use and the vast array of features.



Click here for websites with genealogical information on directly-related family lines.


In genealogy, we are researching the following ancestors in the following locations (Note: This list does not include medieval or ancient ancestors). For more detail and data on these and other ancestors, their siblings, and their siblings' descendents, you can go to our genealogy web pages.

Mary Abrahams b. ? d. ?

Frances Acker b. 1745 d. ?

Charles James Allen b. Jul 2, 1872 Ferndale, Wales d. May 1, 1939 Philadelphia, PA

Daniel Allen b. ? Wales d. ? Ferndale, Wales

Helen Rosetta Allen b. Jun 20, 1892 Dedham, MA d. September 19, 1968 Philadelphia, PA

William Allen b. ? Wales d. ?

Edward Andrews b. Jan 16, 1677 Oyster Bay, NY d. Oct 26, 1716 Tuckerton, NJ

Edward Andrews b. abt 1618 Barbados d. Jul 19, 1693 Mansfield Twp., NJ

Elizabeth Andrews b. Oct 4, 1694 d. Mar 24, 1725 Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Samuel Andrews b. 1642 Oyster Bay, L.I., NY d. Jul 19, 1688 Mansfield, NJ

Martha Appleton b. ? NJ? d. ? NJ(?)

Mary Appowen b. ? d. 1793 Philadelphia, PA

Barbara Aubrey b. 1637 Pencoed, Glamorgan, Wales d. Nov 27, 1710 Glamorgan, Wales

Edward Baker b. ? d. Mar 1687 Lynn, MA

Elisha Baker b. 1727 d. Jul 24, 1807 East Canaan, CT

Esther Baker b. Nov 28, 1763 Canaan, CT d. Jul 22, 1842 Canton, NY

John Baker b. ? d. ?

Timothy Baker b. 1647 Northampton, MA d. Aug 30, 1729

John Bandolph b. 1489 Credyton, Devon, England d. ?

Panayiotis Barbaresos b. 1850 Nea Epithavros, Greece d. 1926 Nea Epithavros, Greece

Lydia Barnard b. ? d. ?

Hallie/Harriet Frances Barnett b. Nov 29, 1859 Philadelphia, PA d. May 15, 1937 Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Barnett b. 1824 PA d. ?

Gilbert Barron b. ? d. ?

Jannet Barron b. ? d. ?

Chrisitan Bellsire b. ? d. Apr 1688 Haverhill, MA

Elizabeth Bevan b. 1678 Glamorgan, Wales d. Feb 27, 1740 Providence, PA

John Bevan b. 1646 Glamorgan, Wales d. 1726 Glamorgan, Wales

Daniel Bitting b. 1773 Berks Co., PA d. 1851 Berks Co., PA

Henrich Bitting b. abt 1670 Germany d. aft 1734 PA

Jacob D. Bitting b. 1798 PA d. Mar 16, 1878 Reading, PA

Ludwig Bitting b. Jun 2, 1729 Montgomery Co., PA d. Oct 1796 Cumru, Berks Co., PA

Ludwig Bitting b. 1702 Freinsheim, Germany d. Dec 27, 1775 PA

Mariella Bitting b. 1821 Exeter, Berks Co., PA d. 1851

Maria Blade b. ? d. ?

Agnes Blyant b. ? d. ?

Simon Blyant b. ? d. ?

Johann Boehm b. abt 1620 Prussia (?) d. ?

Johanna Sevina Boehm b. May 2, 1709 Worms, Hesse, Germany d. 1759

John Philip Boehm b. Nov 25, 1683 Hochstadt, Prussia d. Apr 29, 1749 Hellertown, PA

Philip Ludwig Boehm b. 1646 Machenbuchen, Prussia d. bef May 15, 1726 Wachenbuchen, Prussia

Elizabeth Boteler b. ? d. ?

Geoffry Boteler b. ? d. ?

Ellen Minerva Bowers b. 1846 PA d. 16-Mar-24 Philadelphia, PA

Lewis K. Bowers b. ? PA d. ?PA

Matthias Button b. abt 1607 Harrold, Bedfordshire, England d. Aug 3, 1672 Haverhill, MA

Sarah Button b. 1650 Haverhill, MA d. bef 1745

Thomas Button b. ? Bedfordshire, England d. Jun 1617 Bedfordshire, England

Bartholomew Calthrope b. ? d. ?

Katherine Calthrope b. ? d. ?

William Calye b. ? d. ?

William Calye b. ? d. ?

Christena Campbell b. ? Scotland d. Aug 10, Scotland

Catherine Camrone b. 1690 Killin, Perthshire, Scotland d. ?

Mary Carlile b. ? d. ?

John Carlile/Carliell b. ? d. Mar 28, 1681 Spittlefield, London, England

Christopher Chalfant b. Nov 4, 1571 England d. ?England

John Chalfant b. 1660 d. Aug 1725 Chester Co., PA

Margaret Chalfant b. Dec 13, 1781 d. Sep 6, 1847 Paint, Highland Co., OH

Mary Chalfant b. Nov 26, 1713 Birmingham, PA d. May 7, 1792 Newlin, PA

Robert Chalfant b. 1688 d. Mar 1767 Birmingham, PA

Robert Chalfant b. Feb 24, 1625 England d. 1695 Birmingham, Chester Co., PA

William de Chalfant b. ? d. ?

Elizabeth Chamberlain b. 1654 Berkshire, England d. Mar 31, 1692 Crewcorn, PA

Robert Chamberlain b. 1628 England d. Feb 14, 1664 Lambourne Woodlands, Berkshire, England

Ruth Chandler b. abt 1662 d. ?

Rebecca Clark b. ? d. ?

Rachel Claus b. ? France d. 1693 NY

George Cleavenger b. abt 1654 England? d. bef 1682 NY

John Cleavenger b. abt 1678 Yonkers, NY d. aft 1756 NJ ?

John Cleavenger b. abt 1633 England d. ?

Polly/Mary Cleavenger b. abt 1782 Frederick Co., VA d. ?IN?

Samuel Cleavenger b. abt 1710 NJ d. 1803 Frederick Co., VA

William Cleavenger b. abt 1747 Frederick Co., VA ? d. 1817 Hillsboro, OH

Joan Coale b. ? d. ?

Hannah Cock b. ? d. ?

John Coleman b. ? d. 1806 Nottingham, NJ

Mary Coleman b. 1790 Bear Swamp, Bur. Co. NJ d. Jul 27, 1854 Philadelphia, PA

William Coleman b. ? d. aft 1804

Robert Corbet b. ? d. ?

Sibyl Corbet b. ? d. ?

George Corliss b. 1617 Exeter, Devon, England d. Oct 1686 Haverhill, MA

Huldah Corliss b. Nov 18, 1661 Haverhill, MA d. ?MA

Thomas Corliss b. 1593 Exeter, Devon, England d. Jul 1683 Newbury, MA

Rachel Cox b. ? d. ?

Edward Crabb b. 1577 d. ?

John Crabb b. 1556 d. ?

John Crabb b. 1530 d. ?

John Crabb b. 1450 d. ?

John the Younger Crabb b. 1502 d. ?

John Thomas Crabb b. 1711 d. ?

Reuben Crabb b. 1779 d. ?

Silas B. Crabb b. Oct 22, 1825 OH d. April 16, 1911 Brazil, IN

Susan Crabb b. Dec 4, 1844 Clay Co., IN d. July 27, 1920 Brazil, IN

Thomas Crabb b. 1746 d. ?

William Crabb b. 1679 d. ?

William Crabb b. 1635 d. ?

William Crabb b. 1609 d. ?

William Clevenger Crabb b. Nov 30, 1808 Highland Co., OH d. ?

Daniel Creasey b. ? d. ?

Mary Creasey b. ? d. Dec 14, 1786 NJ

Joshua Cresson b. abt 1658 New York, NY d. 1690 NY

Rachel Cresson b. ?bef 1690 NY d. ? Bucks Co., PA

Pierre/Peter Cresson/Grisant b. ? Sedan, France d. 1687 NY

Margaret Davey b. 1583 Ottery, Devonshire, England d. ?

John Davie b. abt 1560 Crediton, Devon, England d. May 28, 1612 Exeter, Devon, England

Robert Davie b. abt 1512 Credyton, Devon, England d. Mar 30, 1570 Credyton, Devon, England

Edward Davis b. ? Wales d. bef 1900 Frackville, PA

Emily Davis b. Feb 23, 1883 Frackville, PA d. June 10, 1959 Philadelphia, PA

Joanna Davis b. abt 1625 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England d. Apr 1688 Haverhill, MA

Thomas Davis b. abt 1603 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England d. Jul 1683 Haverhill, MA

James Davys b. abt 1530 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England d. abt 1579 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England

John Davys b. abt 1562 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England d. 1626 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England

John Davys b. abt 1500 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England d. abt 1550 Acton-Turville, Wiltshire, England

Mary Elizabeth Delaphaine b. 1701 PA d. bef 1749 NJ

Martha Devonish b. ? d. ?

Samantha Dimick b. 1800 VT d. Jun 7, 1874 Norfolk, NY

Elizabeth Doreward b. ? d. ?

John Doreward b. ? d. Jan 30, 1462

William Doreward b. ? d. 1481

Clarissa Doty b. abt 1812 ONT, Canada d. Jun 8, 1882 Cramahe, ONT, Canada

Margery Driby b. ? d. ?

Mary Dugan b. ? d. bef 1806 Bucks Co., PA

Daniel Easter b. Jul 16, 1812 Paint, Highland Co., OH d. Sep 25, 1876 Van Buren, IN

Johann Adam Easter b. Aug 19, 1773 Frederick, MD d. Aug 23, 1853 Paint, Highland Co., OH

Lawrence Everett Easter b. Dec 26, 1890 Brazil, IN d. December 17, 1963 Philadelphia, PA

Nathan L. Easter b. Oct 24, 1863 Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN d. October 5, 1950 Allentown, PA

Ray Milton Easter b. March 29, 1934 Philadelphia, PA d. December 18, 1991 San Dimas, CA

Susanah Easter b. ? OH d. 1840 Clay Co., IN

William Easter b. Nov 28, 1837 Clay Co., IN d. May 20, 1911 Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN

Franz/Francis Easter/Oster b. abt 1732 Germany d. ?

Johann Easter/Oster b. 1707 Germany d. ?MD?

Mark/Marcus/Max Easter/Oster b. ? MD (?) d. aft Nov 1807 Paint, Highland Co., OH

Rebecca Elbin b. 1798 Salem, NJ d. Aug 7, 1854 Philadelphia, PA

William Elbin b. ? d. ?

Mary Elliot b. ? d. ?

Angelina Emanouil b. ? Greece d. 1941 Athens, Greece

Xaralambos Emanouil b. ? Greece d. ?Greece

Phillip Emmel b. 1788 NJ d. Mar 10, 1865 Hamilton, NJ

Sarah A. Emmel b. 1812 NJ d. 1890 NJ

Johann Christoph Englehard b. ? d. ?

Maria Englehard b. ? d. ?

Gerald Foderinghay b. ? d. ?

Margaret Foderinghay b. abt 1477 d. Feb 10, 1514 Outwell, England

Thomas Foderinghay b. ? d. 1491

Thomas Foderinghay b. ? d. abt 1432

Anne Francis b. ? Suffolk, England d. ? Suffolk, England

Ellen Furford b. ? d. ?

Susanna Gage b. ? Assington, Suffolk, England d. Feb 21, 1678 Haverhill, MA

Alche/Olive Gerrits b. abt 1660 d. 1712 NY or NJ

Gerret Cornelis Gerritz b. ? Netherlands d. ?

Lysbeth Gerritz b. abt 1650 d. ? Bensalem, PA

Elizabeth Gestinghthorpe b. ? d. ?

John Gestinghthorpe b. ? d. ?

Mary Goodowne b. ? d. ?

Margaret Goodwin b. ? d. ?

Michael Graff/Graffs/Groves (?) b. ? d. Jan. 1797 Philadelphia, PA

Daniel Groves b. Aug 21, 1773 Philadelphia, PA d. Dec 26, 1846 Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth Shields Groves b. Mar 27, 1846 Honesdale, PA d. October 28, 1919 Philadelphia, PA

Michael Groves b. ? d. Jan 1797 Philadelphia, PA

Michael Groves b. 1794 Philadelphia, PA d. Jul 17, 1828 Philadelphia, PA

Theodore Groves b. 1820 Philadelphia, PA d. Feb 24, 1852 Philadelphia, PA

John/Joseph Hadden b. May 12, 1635 England d. May 29, 1718 Braintree. MA

Sarah Hadden b. abt 1656 d. bef Feb 1691 Westchester, NY

Barnette/Bernard Hagan b. 1841 Keelersville, PA d. April 11, 1914 Philadelphia, PA

Elmer M. Hagan b. Jul 13, 1881 Phoenixville, PA d. March 26, 1921 Haycock, PA

Hallie Minerva Hagan b. December 8, 1910 Haycock, PA d. April 19, 1999 Cherry Valley, CA

John Hagan b. 1812 Ireland d. ?

Richard Haines b. ? d. 1746

Richard Haines b. ? Aynho-on-Hill, Northampton, England d. 1682 At sea

Sarah Haines b. ? d. ?

Alexander Harsick b. ? d. ?

John Harsick b. ? d. ?

Margaret/Mary Harsick b. ? d. 1481 Blocking, Essex Co., England

Roger Harsick b. ? d. 1453

Roger Harsick b. ? d. ?

Mary Hatch b. Oct 3, 1652 Scituate, MA d. Jan 12, 1692 Stonington, CT

Aniocha Hawkwood b. ? d. ?

Gilbert Hawkwood b. ? d. 1340

John Hawkwood b. ? d. 1363

Gideon Hayden b. 1586 Cadhay Manor, Devonshire, England d. Feb 22, 1662 Ottery, Devonshire, England

John Hayden b. Nov 2, 1606 Of Hinton, Blewets, England d. Jul 26, 1682 Braintree, Norfolk, England

Jonathan Haynes b. Apr 11, 1648 Haverhill, Bedfordshire, England d. Sep 22, 1697 Haverhill, MA

Margaret Haynes b. Mar 3, 1686 Haverhill, MA d. Feb 10, 1753 Hampton, CT

William Haynes b. 1623 Bedfordshire, England d. ? Salem, MA

Agnes Hempstede b. ? d. ?

Martha Henderson b. 1755 d. ?

Sussanna High b. ? d. Jan 1802

Edward Hilliard b. 1706 d. 1766 Northampton, NJ

Martha Hilliard b. Sep 18, 1742 Burlington, NJ d. Nov 4, 1797 Gloucester Co., NJ

John Hilliard/Hillier b. ? d. ?

Margaret Hobich b. ? Didlington, England d. 1404 Outwell, England

Richard Hobich b. ? d. ?

Joan Holbeach b. ? Lincolnshire, England d. aft 1392

Richard Holbeach b. ? d. ?

John Hollister b. ? d. ?

Sarah Hollister b. ? d. ?

Deanna Lorraine Hoover b. October 16, 1940 Philadelphia, PA d. ?

Francis H. Hoover b. 1813 Burlington Co., NJ d. Nov 1, 1881 Hamilton, NJ

George Hamilton Hoover b. August 23, 1912 Philadelphia, PA d. ?

Matthias Hoover b. ? NJ d. ?

Michael Wilbert Hoover b. Apr 20, 1880 Hamilton Twp., Mays Landing, NJ d. January 1, 1967 Philadelphia, PA

Catherine Howard b. ? d. ?

Elizabeth Christina Hyde b. Dec 25, 1863 Cramahe, Ont, Canada d. April 10, 1942 Monrovia, CA

Henry David Hyde b. Dec 31, 1839 Marysburgh, ONT, Canada d. June 24, 1910 Norton, MI

Josiah Hyde b. abt 1803 NY d. Jan 4, 1874 Cramahe, ONT, Canada

Sarah Ingersoll b. Jul 1, 1627 Sutton, England d. 1719 Houlton, MA

Amos Ireland b. 1752 Great Egg Harbor, NJ d. Feb 27, 1826 Weymouth, NJ, Atlantic Co.

Daniel Ireland b. 1688 Hempstead, NY d. Jan 24, 1762

Sylvia/Heliecace Ireland b. 1788 NJ d. May 7, 1866 Hamilton, NJ

Thomas Ireland b. May 1, 1721 Great Egg Harbor, NJ d. Feb 16, 1773 Great Egg Harbor, NJ

Thomas Ireland b. abt 1647 Hempstead, NY d. bef 1712 NY?

Thomas Ireland b. ?bef 1626 Lancaster, England d. abt 1669 Hempstead, NY

Mary Helen Jackson b. Oct 23, 1777 d. Nov 27, 1827 Philadelphia, PA

William Jackson b. ? d. 1788 Philadelphia, PA

Cecily Jernegan b. ? d. ?

Eliza Jones b. Oct 4, 1867 Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN d. April 20, 1952 Allentown, PA

Reece Jones b. ? Cardiff, Wales d. 1862 Cardiff, Wales

William R. Jones b. Apr 22, 1827 Cardiff, Wales d. Feb 3, 1901 Clay Co., IN

Dimitrios Kalantzes b. ? Greece d. ?Greece

Mary/Maria Kalantzes b. Nov 12, 1898 Nauplion, Greece d. May 2, 1979 San Bernardino, CA

Michael Kalantzes b. ? Nea Epithavros, Greece d. 1941 Athens, Greece

Elizabeth Kingsbury b. May 15, 1737 d. Sep 5, 1769

Ephraim Kingsbury b. Apr 13, 1681 Haverhill, MA d. Oct 8, 1756

Henry Kingsbury b. 1615 Assington, Suffolk, England d. Oct 1, 1687 Haverhill, MA

James Kingsbury b. 1562 Boxford, Suffolk, England d. Apr 1622 Boxford, Suffolk, England

James Kingsbury b. ? Suffolk, England d. 1590 Boxford, Suffolk, England

James Kingsbury b. abt 1647 Haverhill, MA d. bef 1739 Plainfield, CT

John Kingsbury b. Jun 19, 1713 Plainfield, CT d. Apr 18, 1753 Plainfield, CT

Lathrop Kingsbury b. Sep 7, 1841 Plumbrook, NY d. 5-Jan-23 Hampton, VA

Lathrop Kingsbury b. Oct 20, 1786 Dorset, VT d. Mar 21, 1842 Norfolk, NY

Mary Samantha Kingsbury b. Oct 20, 1892 Muskegon, Michigan d. February 28, 1973 San Dimas, CA

Samuel Kingsbury b. 1649 Haverhill, MA d. Sep 26, 1698 Haverhill, MA

Thomas Kingsbury b. Sep 1, 1754 Coventry, CT d. Mar 7, 1839 Norfolk, NY

Thomas Kingsbury b. Apr 2, 1717 Haverhill, MA d. Jul 15, 1754 Coventry, CT

Thomas Kingsbury b. Oct 29, 1681 Haverhill, MA d. Apr 20, 1751 Hampton, CT

Thomas Kingsbury b. ?aft 1584 Assington, Suffolk, England d. ? Assington, Suffolk, England

John Kyngesbury b. ? Great Cornard, Suffolk, England d. aft 1539 Suffolk, England

John the Younger Kyngesbury b. ? Suffolk, England d. aft 1578 Suffolk, England

Elizabeth Ladyman b. ? d. ?

Charles Lane b. ? England d. ? Cheltenham, England

Mary Edith Lane b. Jul 10, 1872 Cheltenham, England d. 1903 Manchester By the Sea, MA

Elizabeth Laurie b. 1619 Exeter, Devon, England d. 1685

Lydia Lewis b. ? d. 1786 Philadelphia, PA

Cecely MacWilliam b. 1555 d. ?

Henry MacWilliam b. ? d. ?

Phebe Main b. Aug 7, 1681 Stonington, CT d. ?

Alvarissa Malet b. ? d. ?

Alexander Mayne b. 1546 Hatsburgh, Devon, England d. 1617 Heatherleigh, England

Ezekiel Mayne b. 1641 York, ME d. Jun 19, 1714 Stonington, CT

John Mayne b. 1614 Heatherleigh, England d. May 27, 1699 Boston, MA

John Mayne b. 1512 Hatsbugh, Devon, England d. 1565 Hatsbugh, Devon, England

Elizabeth McColbey b. ? d. ?NJ

Christina McNabb b. ? d. ?

John McNacaird b. ? d. ?

John Meers b. ? d. 1439

Margaret Meers b. ? Lincolnshire, England d. 1439 Outwell, England

George F. Miller b. 1858 NJ d. October 2, 1908 Bridgeton, NJ

George Francis Miller b. ? d. ?

Mary Josephine Miller b. Mar 18, 1881 Elizabeth, NJ d. June 9, 1962 Chalfont, PA

Lottie/Lydia Mills b. 1812 PA or Ireland d. ?

Lydia Morris b. ? d. Mar 17, 1791 Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Morris b. 1707 d. 1768 Philadelphia, PA

Robert Moulton b. Nov 3, 1560 Scrotsby, Norfolk, England d. Oct 11, 1633 Hemsby, England

Sarah Moulton b. Dec 17, 1656 Hampton, Rockingham Co., NH d. Jul 13, 1699 Haverhill, MA

William Moulton b. Jun 25, 1585 Ormsby, England d. Apr 18, 1664 Rockingham, NH

Katherine Mountfort b. ? d. ?

Osbert Mountfort b. ? d. ?

Margaret Nelson b. ? Wendling, Norfolk, England d. ?

Eleonora Newkirk b. 1803 Berks Co., PA d. Oct 28, 1885 Reading, PA

Naomi Ogden b. ? d. ?

Edmond Ong b. Jun 11, 1568 Levenham, Suffolk, England d. 1630 Levenham, Suffolk, England

Edmond Ong b. ? England d. May 15, 1573 Levenham, Suffolk, England

Isaac Ong b. 1627 Levenham, Suffolk, England d. Jun 13, 1696 Mansfield, NJ

Sarah Ong b. Jan 29, 1665 d. 1700 Tuckerton, NJ

Margaret Page b. 1629 Ormsby, Norfolk, Co., England d. 1699

Robert Page b. ? Ormsby, Norfolk Co., England d. ?

Robert Page b. ? d. ?

Elizabeth Paynter b. 1584 England d. Aug 3, 1635

Samuel Paynter b. ? d. ?

Daniel Pedrick b. ? d. ?

Keziah Pedrick b. abt Jan 1771 d. Sep 13, 1860 Burlington Co., NJ

Abraham Pennington b. May 2, 1781 d. Jan 27, 1847 Highland Co., OH

Jacob Pennington b. ? d. May 10, 1838 Paint, OH, Highland Co.

Martha Pennington b. Dec 18, 1811 Hampshire Co., VA d. Jan 14, 1873 Van Buren, Clay Co., IN

John Pickworth b. 1795 Thorpe-on-Hill, Lincolnshire, England d. Dec 3, 1889 Cramahe, Northumberland Co., ONT Canada

Mary Ann Pickworth b. Jul 6, 1839 Cramahe, ONT, Canada d. April 4, 1928 Los Angeles, CA

James De La Plaine b. ? d. ?

Joan Plantagenet b. 1272 Acre, Palestine d. Apr 23, 1307 Clare, Suffolk, England

Edmund Pullen b. abt 1589 England d. ?

Susannah Pullen b. 1615 Braintree, Norfolk, England d. aft Oct 31, 1678

Frances Reed b. 1583 Levenham, Suffolk, England d. Nov 12, 1638 Watertown, MA

Mary Reed b. 1719 d. ?

Arthur/Augustus J. Fullmer Richardson b. Nov 9, 1881 Philadelphia, PA d. November 3, 1959 Los Angeles, CA

David Richardson b. 1785 Bucks Co., PA d. Jul 29, 1854 Philadelphia, PA

David Coleman Richardson b. Apr 29, 1817 Falls, PA d. aft Jan 13, 1885

Gonsalvo Richardson b. Jul 15, 1843 Philadelphia, PA d. February 28, 1918 Philadelphia, PA

Joseph Richardson b. ? Bucks Co., PA d. Aug 1808 Bucks Co., PA

Joseph Richardson b. 1667 London, England d. Jan 1752 Providence, PA

Samuel Richardson b. ? Bucks Co., PA d. 1825 Bucks Co., PA

Samuel Richardson b. Apr 13, 1697 Germantown, PA d. 1771 Philadelphia, PA

Samuel Richardson b. abt 1635 London (?), England d. Jun 10, 1719 Philadelphia, PA

Seward Kingsbury Richardson b. July 27, 1921 Long Beach, CA d. ?

Edward Ridgway b. Oct 15, 1713 Little Egg Harbor, NJ d. 1750 Whitemarsh. PA

Jacob A. Ridgway b. Oct 21, 1761 Woolwich, NJ d. Oct 31, 1844 Woolwich, NJ

Job Ridgway b. Sep 21, 1797 Salem, NJ d. Mar 13, 1877 Philadelphia, PA

Job Ridgway b. ?Jul 1735 NJ d. Mar 13, 1796 Woolwich, NJ

John Ridgway b. ? d. ?

Mary Ridgway b. 1822 Salem, NJ d. aft Jan 13, 1885

Richard Ridgway b. 1648 Wallingford, England d. Sep 21, 1722 Springfield, NJ

Richard Ridgway b. 1410 England d. 1465 England

Richard Ridgway b. 1631 Devon, England d. ?

Robert Ridgway b. 1575 Londonderry, England d. Mar 18, 1639 Rosconvell, Ireland

Stephen Ridgway b. ? d. ?

Thomas Ridgway b. May 25, 1677 England d. Jan 15, 1724 Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Thomas Ridgway b. abt 1561 Tor Abbey, Devonshire, England d. 1631 London, England

Thomas Ridgway b. ? d. ?

Christian Riffett b. ? d. ?

Phoebe Riffett b. ? d. ?

Frances Robins b. abt 1542 Caldworldleigh, Devon, England d. ?

Magdalen Rokele b. ? d. ?

Jesinah Rue b. ? Middletown, PA d. 1823 Philadelphia, PA

Lewis Rue b. abt 1710 d. 1752 Middletown, PA

Matthew Rue b. 1687 d. 1770 Middletown, PA

John La Rue/Laro b. 1664 d. ?

Marie Ruhl b. ? d. ?

Anna Catharina Schaeffer b. ? d. ?

James Shields b. 1708 Near Belfast, N. Ireland d. Oct 14, 1768 Newlin, PA

Mary Jackson Shields b. ?Dec 1824 Philadelphia, PA d. September 18, 1904 Camden, NJ

Robert Shields b. Oct 28, 1774 Philadelphia, PA d. May 26, 1846 Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Shields b. Jun 6, 1743 Newlin, PA d. Dec 1, 1819 Philadelphia, PA

Thomas Morris Shields b. Jul 23, 1799 Philadelphia, PA d. Jul 28, 1843 Philadelphia, PA

Donald Sinclair b. 1752 Killin, Perthshire, Scotland d. Aug 27, 1848 Perth, Lanark Co., ONT Canada

Finlay Sinclair b. ?Mar 1739 Scotland d. ?

Jeannette Sinclair b. Jul 12, 1803 Killin, Perthshire, Scotland d. Dec 4, 1894 Cramahe, Northumberland Co., ONT Canada

Mary Smith b. May 6, 1560 Norfolk, England d. Apr 1636 Great Ormsby, England

Mary Southcote b. ? Bovey Tracy, Devonshire, England d. ?

Thomas Southcote b. ? d. ? Bovey Tracy, Devonshire, England

George Southcott b. abt 1540 Caldworldleigh, Devon, England d. ?

Margaret Southcott b. abt 1564 Caverleigh, Devonshire, England d. Jan 20, 1613 Exeter, Devon, England

James St. Hilary b. ? d. ?

Maude St. Hilary b. ? d. ?

Anna Maria Stahler b. abt 1687 Hanau or Hockstadt, Germany d. ?

Hartman Stahler b. ? d. ?

Isabel Stavely b. ? d. ?

Christian Stoner b. ? Norfolk, England d. ?

Thomas Stoner b. ? d. ?

Adam Stricker b. ? d. Dec 6, 1804 Philadelphia, PA

Adam Stricker b. ? d. Oct 6, 1775 Philadelphia, PA

Elizabeth Stricker b. 1772 d. Jan 24, 1849 Philadelphia, PA

Jacomynchy Jacobs Swarts b. ? Netherlands d. ?

Catherine Tanfield b. ? d. ?

Robert Tanfield b. ? d. ?

William Tanfield b. abt 1480 d. ?

Ann Teagle b. abt 1618 d. Feb 4, 1663 Haverhill, MA

Maria Teysher b. 1779 d. 1821

Sarah Underwood b. ? d. ?

Gerrett Stoffelse Vansant b. abt 1630 Zaandaam, Drenthe, Netherlands d. bef Jun 1706 Bensalem, PA

Rachel Vansant b. 1719 Bucks Co., PA d. 1783 Middletown, PA

Stoffel Vansant b. ? Netherlands d. ?

Stoffel/Christophel Vansant b. 1670 New Utrecht, NY d. 1749 Middletown, PA

Helen Varvis b. January 17, 1928 Highland, CA d. ?

Louis Varvis/Barbaresos b. Mar 4, 1886 Nea Epithavros, Greece d. January 30, 1970 San Bernardino, CA

Elizabeth Viulesme b. ? France d. ?

Elizabeth Wallace b. Dec 16, 1824 Guernsey Co., OH d. Mar 9, 1896 Dick Johnson Twp, IN

Lucia Warde b. ? d. ?

Ruth Ware b. 1699 Great Egg Harbor, NJ d. Feb 25, 1757 NJ

Elizabeth Warren b. ? d. ?

Elizabeth Wears b. 1841 Indiana d. abt 1864 Dick Johnson, Clay Co., IN

Elizabeth Weston b. 1575 England d. ?

Mary Josephine White b. ? Philadelphia, PA d. ?

David Whitney b. ? d. ?

Esther Whitney b. May 1, 1714 Plainfield, CT d. Apr 5, 1752 Plainfield, CT

John Whitney b. ? d. ?

Joshua Whitney b. ? d. ?

George Wiseman b. ? d. ?

John Wiseman b. ? d. ?

Margery Wiseman b. abt 1502 Great Thornham, Suffolk, England d. ?

Simon Wiseman b. ? d. ?

Nicholas Wiseman/Wyseman b. ? d. ?

Alice Witchingham b. ? Fyshley, Norfolk, England d. ?

Nicholas Witchingham b. ? d. ?

Emeline Woolbert b. 1844 Emmelville, NJ d. abt 1885

Henry Woolbert b. 1788 NJ d. Aug 1865 Mays Landing, PA

Michael Woolbert b. ?Sep 1810 NJ d. February 26, 1905 Aldine, NJ

Alice Wotshall b. ? d. ?

Alice Wright b. ? d. Feb 24, 1685 Oyster Bay, L.I., NY

John Wright b. abt 1465 Tyndall, Norfolk, England d. 1541 Norfolk, England

Mary Wright b. 1642 Saugus, MA d. abt 1700 Mansfield, NJ

Nicholas Wright b. 1559 Barton Turf, Norfolk, England d. ? Barton Turf, Norfolk, England

Nicholas Wright b. abt 1538 Norfolk, England d. Oct 1, 1582

Nicholas Wright b. abt 1505 Tyndall, Norfolk, England d. bef 1567 Outwell, England

Peter Wright b. 1595 Norfolk, England d. 1660 Oyster Bay, L.I., NY

Thomas Wright b. 1422 East Lexham, Norfolk, England d. aft 1509

William Wright b. 1588 London, England d. ?

Isabel Wyndham b. ? d. ?

John Wyndham b. ? d. ?


Following are surnames that married into our families married or that our families married into that can be found in our genealogy web pages:

Afflerbach, Ainsworth, Akins, Alabaster, Alexander, Anderson, Antrim, Applebaugh, Arledge, Armstrong, Arnold, Atkinson, Ayer, Bailey, Bales, Ballinger, Barlow, Barnes, Bauder, Bayless, Bell, Bellangee, Bement, Bentz, Berg, Beswick, Bickley, Biddle, Binsley, Birchler, Bishop, Black, Blackman, Bland, Blew, Blount, Bollinger, Borton, Le Boutillier, Bradley, Bradway, Braiose, Bratten, Brockman, Brombaugh, Brouwers, Brown, Bruce, Brunner, Bulmer, Bundy, Bunting, Burchill, Burdick, Burr, Butcher, Button, Byrne, Cabbage, Campbell, Carleton, Carpenter, Carr, Cartledge, Case, Chandler, Chappell, Charles, Chase, Childers, Christensen, Clark, Clarke, Clothier, Cochran, Colburn, Compton, Conaroe, Conklin, Constable, Coons, Coote, Corbett, Cordury, Cornish, Covert, Cox, Craven, Crispin, Cross, Cunningham, Cutshall, Day/Thomas, Demarest, Dodd, Dotterer, DuBois, Duckworth, Dugan, Dupont, Durie, Dyer, Earp, Eastman, Eckfeldt, Edwards, Elliot, Elwell, Enoch, Estell, Etter, Ettle, Evans, Everhardt, Farrow-Peters, Ferguson, Fish, Fitch, Fittro, Fitz Roy, Fitzalan, Flanigan, Forest, Fowler, Frame, Frederick, Freeman, French, Fuller, Fullmer, Gabell, Gabriel, Gaddis, Gale, Gandy, Gardiner, Garwood, Gaskill, Gaunt, Gerth, Gest, Gibbons, Gillingham, Gladden, Glading, Godefroy, Goff, Gonzalez, Gordon, Gozello, Graber, Grant, Greely, Green, Grene, Griener, Griffith, Grosbeeck, Gross, Gutierrez, Hall, Hamer, Hamilton, Hangey, Hankins, Hannum, Hanudel, Harmer, Harold, Harris, Harvey, Harwood, Haskins, Hawkins, Haywood, Hemmes, Hennigan, Henry, Hensman, Herbs, Herrera, Herrnau, Hickman, Hillman, Hoepfl, Hoffman, Hogg, Holliday, Holmes, Hoppe, Hopping, Housekeeper, Howe, Hudson, Hunsbarger, Hyslop, Ingles, Irish, James, Jeffries, Johnson, Joudon, Kaine, Keiser, Keys, King, Kingsley, Kirkpatrick, Klein, Kline, Knight, Koehler, Kramer, Kuhlmeyer, Lafferty, Lang, Lattin, LeClair, Leet, Leidich, Leonard, Leppeaux, Lett, Lewis, Liggett, MacDougall, Malcom, Margerum, Marinak, Marshall, Mathilde, Matthews, McClennan, McColl, McCready, McDermott, McGraw, McKay, McKenna, McKim, McKinley, McMenamin, Mehos, Mercer, Merrill, Michael, Moore, Morrish, Mortimer, Mosier, Mumbauer, Munson, Myers, Needle, Neeld, Newton, Nickison, Nicoson, Nixon, Offwoode, Ogden/Barber, Osman, Owsley, Paine, Paisley, Pancoast, Parker, Pearce, Pedrick, Peters, Pettebone, Pharo, Pimm, Pinkney, Place, Platt, Powell, Powers, Preston, Printy, Pugh, Punneos, Quaintance, Quee, Quincey, Rambo, Ramsey, Raymond, Reed, Rementer, Renberg, Reynard, Rezza, Riess, Roberts, Robertson, Rockafellow, Rogers, Rose, Rupp, Sanborn, Sanford, Scherck, Schockey, Schrechkengost, Scott, Scull, Seaman, Seaver, Secenger, Seislove, Severns, Shackleton, Shaefer, Shaw, Shinn, Shortle, Sills, Simpson, Slack, Smith, Snow, Snyder, Spears, Spence, Spotswood, Stackhouse, Staines, Stalford, Starr, Stedman, Steelman, Steinsburger, Stenton, Stocker, Stockton, Stone, Strawbridge, Strickler, Strode, Strumbeck, Suderland, Sullans, Sullivan, Sunderland, Thomas, Thompson, Thousand, Tilton, Titus, Tomlinson, Towne, Townsend, Turney, Tyson, Urracca, Utley, Van Dyke, Vandergrift, Vanderlinde, Vansanten, Vastine, Vevis, Wade, Wagoner, Walker, Ward, Watkins, Watson, Way, Weaver, Weiand, Whight, Whisson, Whittaker, Wilcox, Willets, Willoughby, Wilson, Winters, Wood, Woodward, Wright, Wynn, Young, Ziegler

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